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Paper w78-2009-1-50:
Influences on the adoption of BPM/BIM: an Australian perspective

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G. Brewer, T. Gajendran & C. Beard

Influences on the adoption of BPM/BIM: an Australian perspective

Abstract: BPM/BIM offer the possibility of faster, more accurate collaborative working thereby offering a solution to many current construction industry challenges, yet their usage remains frustratingly limited. It follows that there are likely be a number of influences and the aim of this research was therefore to identify those that could be considered relevant to the Australian construction industry. It first modeled candidate inhibitors identified from the literature, applying this to a single ‘critical case’ study project. Interviews undertaken with six key stakeholders were triangulated with two industry experts. Coding and abstraction of the data largely confirmed the efficacy of the model, which was subsequently found to be congruent with Brewer’s model of Innovation & Attitude (Brewer 2008) after qualitative meta-analysis was conducted.



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