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Paper w78-2009-1-54:
Analyzing Capacity of BIM Tools to Support Data Use across Project Lifecycle

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J. Lucas, W. Thabet & D. Bowman

Analyzing Capacity of BIM Tools to Support Data Use across Project Lifecycle

Abstract: The lifecycle of a building project, from design through inception and facility management, comprises multiple project management processes where data and information are defined and generated. This information is often only developed and stored in a format and at a level of detail sufficient for the process that it was created, leading to the reworking of information to support later project processes. In order to support processes throughout the project lifecycle, there needs to be a method of structuring and storing information that takes into account information needs at later project processes. This paper examines the use of BIM tools and the methods used to record, recall, manipulate, and generate information to support processes through the project lifecycle. The benefit of a structured information system based upon process information needs is explored as to how it can enhance the use of information within a BIM to support lifecycle processes.



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