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Paper w78-2010-100:
Information System for Dynamic Updating of the Planning Work

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Helena Fernanda, Adriana de Paula Lacerda Santos, Sergio Scheer

Information System for Dynamic Updating of the Planning Work

Abstract: For the sound development of the routine activities in civil construction companies, planning and effective control are necessary for the successful execution of the construction site of enterprises. Therefore, a communication scheme is needed between the office and the construction site staffs, in order to make information available and let it be exchanged in an accurate way by the teams involved in the enterprise. This will allow to make decisions and define processes in proper timing. Considering the education differences between the workers in the construction site and also the informality of the trainings, communication must be not only organized and structured, but, also, affordable. Through the technique of the balance line, a graphic technique that links space and time to organize tasks, and using information technology, this paper proposes the development of an information system capable of the real-time updating of the planning considering what just happened on the construction site. This will promote an easier interaction between the user of the system on the construction site and the users in the planning and management office. Nowadays, this task is accomplished manually, causing information to be always lagged regarding the situation of the work, due to the time required to acquire and process information. Using currently available technologies in order to obtain a user-friendly, interactive control panel in the construction site to transmit information in real time, a panel with multi touch screen technology was proposed, which allows to access information easily, by touching the panel with the fingers. In order to adopt this technology, the proposal defines the structure of an information system for management and control of construction site information, including the documentation of projects, teams and workers data, schedules, updates and related information.

Keywords: planning work; information system; line balance, communication, multi touch screen; panel; technology


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