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Paper w78-2010-119:
Achieving BIM And CIM Implementation Through Quality Management

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Thomas Mills

Achieving BIM And CIM Implementation Through Quality Management

Abstract: This paper presents a studied proposition that the domain of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Civil Information Modeling (CIM) is Quality Management. This proposition is approached from a thorough review of BIM and CIM capabilities, the operation actualization in design and construction, the individual value added and extracted throughout the workflow process, and the value added to the owner in delivering an accurate model. The paper first presents the value added and received by the creation and use of information modeling; secondly the paper addresses the workflows associated with the information model’s production, from model inception to archival record; it follows this with a discussion on the alignment of the model with various operational focuses with the cycle of model documentation, utilization, model maintenance, commissioning, and owner transfer. The paper closes with insight into Quality Management as the most appropriate champion forwarding the integration of the information modeling for maximum value added in the development of the built facility.



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