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Paper w78-2010-121:
Learning About BIM in Early Design Using Inpro Training Environment

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Nenad _uš Babi_, Danijel Rebolj

Learning About BIM in Early Design Using Inpro Training Environment

Abstract: The paper presents an approach of dissemination of research results from research project to construction industry praxis. It addresses the problem of insufficient skills that prevent adoption of novel methods of working and technology. Presented work originates from European integrated project InPro, which aim is to develop methods and technologies that facilitate industry changeover to a model based and collaborative way of working especially in early design phase of the construction project. To support project goals and facilitate the industrial transformation and industrial technology take-up, the project implemented tools and developed curricula and materials for training and education of management, architects, engineers, and construction workers, as well as university students. The paper presents training environment developed to support training on model based work practices and enhancement of hands-on skills with regard to model based working focusing on early design processes. Technical solutions, content topics and development experiences are described. Content of training courses and curricula is based on experiences from live project demonstrations and use cases.

Keywords: education, training, business courses, university curricula, model based working


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