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Paper w78-2010-42:
An Open Repository of IFC Data Models and Analyses to Support Interoperability Deployment

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Robert Amor, Johannes Dimyadi

An Open Repository of IFC Data Models and Analyses to Support Interoperability Deployment

Abstract: Several significant projects have developed resources to support various aspects of IFC use. These projects run the gamut of: counting entities within IFC data files; providing summary statistics for IFC data files; providing metrics for information with IFC data files; determining the syntactic correctness of IFC data files; determining redundancies within IFC data files; visualizing aspects of IFC data files; navigating IFC data files; etc. In this project, rather than duplicating the functionalities provided by tools developed in any particular project, the aim was to integrate the disparate resources developed across the world to provide a central point of access to the support resources for the field.For users this provides the ability to generate significant analysis of a submitted IFC data file across the major testing systems developed worldwide. While there are many overlapping results in the resultant data sets, there is also significantly different information provided by different tools. Users are provided with the ability to invoke several visualizations and data investigations for their IFC data file, and also are provided with a summary of major statistics drawn from the analyses.For developers this includes a repository of standard IFC data files from many projects, across many versions, and of many levels of sophistication. Several of the data files contain known errors. All of the data files have been processed by the range of analysis tools linked through the support harness to provide a comparative resource when testing a new tools.This project required a meta-representation of IFC data file analysis and associated metrics in order to collate and integrate the results drawn from multiple analysis tools. It also required a similar structure to manage standard IFC data files and the stored analysis of results from the range of tools that tested it.

Keywords: IFC, open repository, data models, analysis


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