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Paper w78-2010-80:
Using an Object Oriented Database Approach to Enable Students in Learning Industry Practices

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Unfeng Chen, Hazar Dib, Clark Cory

Using an Object Oriented Database Approach to Enable Students in Learning Industry Practices

Abstract: Building Information Modeling (BIM) has earned its credibility in the construction industry as an efficient medium for life cycle project management planning, communication, and documentation. Engineering and Construction management programs are introducing BIM in upper level classes to familiarize the students with this technology. In order to better prepare the students understand and implement this technology; this project proposes an Object Oriented Database (OODB) approach to incorporate the teaching of BIM throughout the curriculum starting with lower level classes. Building a complete BIM model is a humongous task to be achieved in one class even at the upper or graduate level. The objective from this approach is to educate the students in the data collection and organization. Students will collect elements relative to design guidelines, code application, quality and resources throughout the various classes in the curriculum. The collected data is incorporated into the visual model at the upper level classes to constitute working BIM models.The paper will highlight the benefits of the proposed method, and discuss the results of the evaluation of the students’ learning experience.

Keywords: BIM, Education, Construction, Object Oriented Database, Information Management


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