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Paper w78-2011-Paper-103:
A planning procedure for BIM adoption within an owner organisation

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R Kreider, A Ramesh, J I. Messner

A planning procedure for BIM adoption within an owner organisation

Abstract: This paper presents an overview of preliminary results from an on-going research thrust to create a structured procedure for an owner to develop a detailed Building Information Modeling (BIM) implementation strategy within their organization. The paper documents initial results which define an Owner’s Planning Procedure for Building Information Modeling (BIM) and key BIM Planning Elements for Organizations. Through focus group meetings, interviews, work sessions, and literature review, three primary tasks have been identified for developing a detailed BIM execution plan for owner organizations: 1) Conducting an Organizational BIM Assessment, 2) Establishing an approach to the future implementation of BIM, and 3) Developing the BIM transition plan. The BIM Planning Elements identified need to be evaluated and considered during each step in the planning procedure. These planning elements include: a) BIM Mission and Goals; b) Organizational and Project BIM Uses; c) Project and Organizational Processes; d) Information Needs of the Organization; e) Legal Considerations; f) Personnel; and g) Supporting Infrastructure. The procedure and planning elements will continue to evolve as part of an on-going study for the development of an Owner’s Guide to BIM which will document a detailed planning procedure for capital facility owners. The procedure and element list will be further evaluated through detailed case studies with at least four large owner organizations.

Keywords: BIM, Integration, Procedure, Process, Owners


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