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Paper w78-2011-Paper-106:
IFC Based Integrated Construction Management Processes

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U Gökçe, H U Gökçe, R J Scherer

IFC Based Integrated Construction Management Processes

Abstract: In the last few years, the modelling of generalized AEC processes becomes a central issue in supporting network-based coordination among project participants. However, even though various solutions have been proposed, a general approach based on an acknowledged model is still missing. In order to address this gap and to represent the integration of product and process information for the interoperability of the involved actors and tools, based on the complementary views complying with the IFC product model, (1) a process integration methodology and based on that (2) two integrated process models are presented in this paper. The implemented methodology brings different views and aspects together such as application systems, quality management procedures, organizational units and procurement systems. The main objective is defined as, to integrate product and process information in a generic process model, so that interoperability over a broad spectrum of applications is facilitated.

Keywords: Construction Management Processes, Software Interoperability, Concurrent Engineering, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)


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