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Paper w78-2011-Paper-107:
IMREC: A long-term reference collection for the advancement of ‘Information Management and Retrieval in Engineering’ (IMRE)

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T Cerovšek

IMREC: A long-term reference collection for the advancement of ‘Information Management and Retrieval in Engineering’ (IMRE)

Abstract: An open-access edited repository providing a long-term scientific reference collection for research and development (R&D) in Information Management and Retrieval in Engineering (IMRE) is presented. IMRE goes beyond textual information retrieval (IR), as it addresses vast volumes of project-specific, task-centred, non-/semi-/well-structured engineering alphanumeric, graphical, 3D geometry and model data (e.g., analytical models, time-history series, analysis results and BIM). To facilitate the R&D in IMRE and to avoid redundant preparation of test data for large-scale test-beds IMRE Reference Collection (IMREC) is proposed. IMREC will provide a set of relevant queries, reference collections and procedures that will make IR benchmarks repeatable, comparable and interoperable. The purpose of this paper is to present the approach and to invite peers to make use of and to contribute to IMREC. IMREC uses an R3-M6 approach, where R3 stands for Relevant, Reachable and Representative and M6 stands for Measurable, Multi-standpoint, Multi-application, Multi-phase, Multi-level-of-detail and Multi-lingual. Initially, we reviewed more than 70 existing test collections, developed a Dublin-Core repository and primed sample data. IMREC will serve for the R&D in IMRE to better address engineering information needs, improve communication in R&D and allow for technology transfer.

Keywords: information management, information retrieval, reference collections, aec workflows, bim


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