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Greening the healthcare sector: 4 hospitals demonstrating advanced controls for lighting and HVAC

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R Decorme, E Leang, E Nykanen, J Hakala, Pedro Martin, B Tellado, S Erice Oronoz, O Leyun Perez, H Timmerman, H Schepers

Greening the healthcare sector: 4 hospitals demonstrating advanced controls for lighting and HVAC

Abstract: In the complex environment of a hospital, Heating, Ventilating, Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and Lighting account for nearly 80% of all energy use. The potential savings achievable with investments with a payback time less than seven years can reach up 40% depending on the current condition of the hospital, where HVAC and lighting are the major contributors. Half of it, being 20%, can be attributed to the impact of ICT.The HosPilot project aims to support the decision makers with an integrated approach which helps drastically reduce the energy consumption of newly built hospitals and existing hospitals being refurbished, increasing well being and comfort. The main objective of the project is to develop a methodology that will be able to provide a hardware description for an energy efficient system for any hospital, based on specific requirements of that hospital. This methodology will be proven by creating pilot sites in the partner hospitals, and by monitoring those pilots during one year. In addition, it will be ensured that this HosPilot methodology is applicable everywhere in Europe. This paper elaborates on the developed methodology and the advanced ICTs demonstrated in the pilot buildings in The Netherlands, Spain, Finland, and France.HosPilot is a project focused on energy efficiency in hospitals. It is co-funded by the EC (contract no. 238933) and involves 11 partners in 5 European countries. The project belongs to the ICT Policy Support Programme. It has started in March 2009 and will end in February 2012.

Keywords: energy efficient hospitals, smart lighting, HVAC automation, monitoring


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