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Modular BIM Guidelines

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E Hjelseth

Modular BIM Guidelines

Abstract: This paper presents a concept for development of modular BIM Building Information Models –guidelines based on a knowledge management perspective. BIM guidelines are at present mainly developed by large companies and organisations for their own needs and processes. Due to the high cost and time consumed in their development, these are often used in projects and processes which they are not optimized for. Turning the development process around allows practitioners to start by specifying relevant information in “information modules”. An information module, IM, is a unit of information for a specified purpose, and can be both pre-defined or develop as a part or the design process, and collected into libraries. The IM’s can then be dynamically assembled into BIM guidelines. Use of the principles of modular BIM guidelines enables the AEC/FM companies to develop their own guidelines adapted to theirs requirements. Starting with specifying information modules can therefore be an initiative for development of active knowledge managements systems.

Keywords: BIM, Knowledge representation, Knowledge management, IDM, Standardization


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