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Paper w78-2011-Paper-50:
Analysis of Reference IFC Models

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R Amor

Analysis of Reference IFC Models

Abstract: With the establishment of an open repository for IFC models there is now a growing resource of models available for use by all in the community. This repository should help researchers undertake experiments which are able to be compared, validated and replicated by any other researcher in the community. This is commonly undertaken in other research domains, such as medicine. The repository should also be of benefit to those in the industry who wish to test out software which utilise IFC data models by identifying models which are close to the type of building they wish to work with. In order that researchers, or practitioners, can identify the best model for their particular analysis it is necessary to provide significant meta-data about the models, including analyses of the models by various checkers and IFC analyzers. The current status of the repository is surveyed in this paper with statistics on the wide range of data models available. While this indicates that there is good variability in the just over 100 models currently in the repository, it also points to issues in growing the repository to being a comprehensive resource. This problem will exist unless the community are willing to deposit models into the repository as they are created, and to make them freely available to all to utilise.

Keywords: IFC, Model repository, Model analysis, Model metrics


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