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Paper w78-2011-Paper-57:
Analysis of Performance Data from HVAC Components for Prediction of Maintenance Requirements

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E Tobin,H Yin, K Menzel

Analysis of Performance Data from HVAC Components for Prediction of Maintenance Requirements

Abstract: This paper describes a methodology which manages a building’s maintenance activities by focusing on the timing of maintenance activities. Its goal is to optimise the trade-off between cost, which is incurred through maintenance activities, and the components health, which varies as a result of maintenance frequency. Here existing data from a BMS is utilises and analysis is performed on this data, with the objective of scheduling maintenance for a component, based on the measured performance of that component. This paper will investigate which data analysis technique provides the most certainty when determining the expected performance level. The major outcome of this paper is to present the certainty levels for each data analysis technique and illustrate how the analysis can be used for predicting maintenance requirements. Also this paper will have presented a methodology for managing maintenance activities and an implementation of these results using a Decision Support Framework for maintenance management. This research is performed as part of a nationally funded project ‘Information Technology for Optimised Building Operation’ (ITOBO).

Keywords: Energy-efficient buildings, Maintenance Management, Performance Based Maintenance, Performance Data Analysis, ITOBO.


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