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Paper w78-2011-Paper-89:
Towards an Experience Feedback system from Building Inspections through Classification of Construction Works

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R Lundkvist,J Meiling

Towards an Experience Feedback system from Building Inspections through Classification of Construction Works

Abstract: Different studies on the construction industry have shown that new buildings are produced with a large number of defects. The common practice in the industry to deal with defects is in a reactive way, i.e. to wait for the final inspection, rectify and then move on to the next project. There are competitive incentives for companies to learn from mistakes, i.e. through Experience Feedback, although the peculiarities of project-based organizations make these activities difficult. These difficulties might frighten companies from investing in new and complex feedback activities. We suggest that the information about defects from Final Inspections could be a way towards Experience Feedback, when the inspections are mandatory and therefore already entrenched in the industry. Taking this as a starting-point, this paper aims at evaluating the generation of defects information from final inspections of a large conference centre project and to present and discuss the results through the lens of Classification and System theory. The paper will show what kind of information that can be drawn from a current de facto ‘best practice’ of Final Inspection report in Sweden. It is suggested that the quality of defects information can be enhanced by classification of data with a suitable object classification system for construction work, such as the Swedish BSAB system. Eventually, the horizon of future research is discussed.

Keywords: Project Knowledge Management, Experience Feedback, Building Inspections, Classification system


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