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Paper w78_2007_102:
Linked contents of teaching

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Wolfgang Huhnt, Philipp Baumann

Linked contents of teaching

Abstract: A curriculum of a study course covers courses that are focused on different topics. These courses are pre-sented by experts from different special fields. However, the contents of the courses are dependent of each others: Some topics are based on the same fundamentals, and other topics are closely related to each other, because they are dealing with equivalent contents in different circumstances. The explanation of these inter-dependencies is necessary and helpful for students. Recognitions and cross-references between courses help to understand and to learn. To present cross-links between teaching documents, the project “Linked contents of teaching” was implemented. An Internet-based learning-teaching-system is developed. This server application presents links between documents. The format of the provided documents is PDF. Binary relations are used to describe inter-dependencies between contents that are presented in different documents and courses. The inter-dependencies are worked out as part of the project “Linked contents of teaching”. The mathematical background of relational algebra is used to handle the relations. The Internet-based system is planned to run over several years. Aspects of maintaining such a system of linked contents are addressed in the project “Linked contents of teaching”. This paper describes an overview on the project and the implemented Internet-based system.

Keywords: civil engineering, learning-teaching-system, internet-based system, linked contents


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