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Paper w78_2007_104:
Understanding collaboration: industrial design versus constructability review

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Xiangyu Wang, Maaike Kleinsmann, Jingyu Chen

Understanding collaboration: industrial design versus constructability review

Abstract: Constructability review is frequently mentioned as solutions to industry-wide problems of improving de-sign efficiency and reducing construction errors. Despite numerous attempts to conduct constructability review, few practical implementations can be found in construction industry today. Inspired by the efforts of industrial researchers in investigating the collaborative aspects of integrated industrial design, the collaboration aspects in constructability review process (CRP) should be well addressed in order to fulfill the promises of constructability review. The study presented in this paper attempts to gain a better understanding of the collaborative process among parties from differ-ent disciplines in CRP. Insights and knowledge learned from highly integrated industrial design are transferred to con-structability review domain to gain better understanding of the collaborative interfaces, and the barriers and enablers that influence the creation of shared understanding among different parties. This paper also formulates a method for empirical study of the collaborative aspects in CRP. Future work is to conduct case studies on industrial CRP with the developed method.

Keywords: collaboration, enablers, barriers, interface, constructability review process, empirical study


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