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Paper w78_2007_38:
Managing design options with building information modeling

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Ivan S. Panushev, Spiro N. Pollalis, Dawn Korbelak

Managing design options with building information modeling

Abstract: Building Information Modeling (BIM) proves to be an effective approach for managing design options in a product line, as shown in the case study of K. HovnanianHomes. The business strategy of a production homebuilder is to maintain a series of design options to satisfy a wide spectrum of needs of its customers. The logistics of handling a large number of design options are quite complex as well as making sure that the selected options are compatible to each other. The introduction of BIM has significantly enhanced the management of the process and the options offered as well as streamlined the overall design flow. This research has two primary purposes: first, to formalize the generic process of generating and managing design op-tions with BIM, and second, to improve its implementation by describing and analyzing current building modeling prac-tices.

Keywords: building information modeling, design options, BIM implementation, design management


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