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Paper w78_2007_48:
Applying mobile devices to data gathering process in real estate maintenance

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Kimmo Niemi

Applying mobile devices to data gathering process in real estate maintenance

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to describe possible methods for electronic maintenance information design and management systems. With the help of mobile equipment, information on the target real estate can be gathered quickly and easily with a suitable method. When wirelessness is introduced, the user is directly connected in real time to the entire data bank of the organisation. Thereby the information is immediately available to all parties concerned. During maintenance, all procedures can be monitored and information about necessary repairs transmitted. In other words, mobile systems will be useful throughout the life span of real estate. The research project introduced here is user-oriented not device-oriented. Its main objectives were to develop systems of sufficient usability and accessibility, which are not dependent on any specific mobile devices. The key is to find out which tasks can be done with small display and limited user interface.

Keywords: real estate maintenance, data management, mobile devices, ICT


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