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Paper w78_2007_52:
Recognition of building parts from measured data

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M. Laasonen

Recognition of building parts from measured data

Abstract: Improvement of the information management of the existing building stock is aimed at more effective use of buildings and design of renovations. Available documentation on old buildings is often inadequate or its information content is out of date. The best way to acquire reliable input data is to measure buildings. Modern design related to the use and renovation of buildings is based on the modeling of buildings. To serve the needs of the end user, measurement methods should be linked to the building modeling technologies used in design. This arti-cle presents a computerized method for creating that link based on the recognition of building parts from measurement data. The main functions of data processing and a rough estimate of the usability of the outputted CAD model are given for the different levels. The four cases reviewed here are: 1) no recognition -> visual model, 2) surface recognition -> surface model, 3) individual building part recognition -> building part model 4) CAD object based recognition -> pa-rametric object model. The suitability of different models for different uses is discussed and the model types are linked to measurement methods. One application of the measuring program for recognizing parametric objects is presented.

Keywords: measurement of a building, CAD, building model, parametric object


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