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Paper w78_2007_62:
Strategic review of the production of a 4D construction sequencing model the lessons learnt

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N. Shaw, D. Bouchlaghem, D. Kerr

Strategic review of the production of a 4D construction sequencing model the lessons learnt

Abstract: Construction project losses can often be associated to information failures caused by poor coordination between the multi-disciplinary organisations that deliver them. Information failure could include late, inaccurate, in-adequate and inconsistent information. 4D Construction Sequencing Models (CSM) seek to improve the coordination of design, plant, equipment and labour through the visual representation of the construction process by linking project programmes with 3D design information. This paper reports on the experiences of a major UK contractor during the development of a 4D CSM, with a focus on the lessons learnt and the recommendations made. Team problem solving workshops, semi-structured interviews and a lean study review were conducted to establish these findings. The concluding recommendations not only highlighted the importance of establishing a standard method and proce-dure, but also identified several software limitations that have subsequently been reported to the developers and will be incorporated as future enhancements. The challenge of maximising the value of 4D CSM for clients and change man-agement also form key topics within the paper.

Keywords: 4D, construction, sequencing, process, lean


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