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Paper w78_2007_67:
Virtual road construction – a conceptual model

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Patrick Söderström, Thomas Olofsson

Virtual road construction – a conceptual model

Abstract: Design, planning and logistics for road construction are increasingly performed using 3D models. These models can subsequently be used to guide machines directly on site. At present there is no direct integration of 3D de-sign and production planning of the construction work, which limits use of the 3D models for optimization and real-time follow-up of mass haulage and machinery logistics. This paper describes a conceptual model of an industrial process for machine guided road construction projects where 3D design is integrated with production planning, enabling production visualization (4D) and real-time follow-up. The aim is to create an integrated working process to such an extent that redesign and replanning of activities and re-sources can actively be optimized, based on observations and data collected during the production.

Keywords: road construction, virtual construction, obsevational method


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