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Paper w78_2007_72:
Evolutionary design for blast of steel structural systems

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Rafal Kicinger, Artur Winnicki, Tomasz Arciszewski, Kenneth De Jong

Evolutionary design for blast of steel structural systems

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel concept of evolutionary design for blast of steel structural systems. It pro-vides both conceptual and computational frameworks for conducting automated concept generation, analysis, dimen-sioning, and optimization. The proposed concept has been developed through the integration of various results from previous research on evolutionary design, structural analysis using the finite element method, and computer simula-tions of blast utilizing computational fluid dynamics. The paper describes the architecture and individual components of the computer system implementing the proposed concept. The system has been built upon the evolutionary design platform developed at George Mason University. In the developed system, blast loads have been determined using FEFLO, an advanced computational fluid dynamics sys-tem created in the Center for Computational Fluid Dynamics at GMU. Structural design and optimization is conducted by Emergent Designer, an integrated research and design support tool developed by the first author. The analysis is performed by ABAQUS, an advanced system for finite element analysis, which allows the explicit structural analysis and evaluation of dynamic behavior of steel structural systems under blast loads when nonlinear behavior of materials and structure is considered. The developed system enables automatic generation of parameterized designs both at the conceptual and detailed de-sign levels. This was achieved through fully parameterized and object-oriented interfaces connecting major components of the system. This full parameterization facilitates automatic parameterized 3D finite element model generation from the level of dimensions of sketches defining cross-sections of structural members to the level of 3D assemblies of solid parts representing entire structural systems.

Keywords: structural design, blast effects, evolutionary computation, finite element analysis, engineering software


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