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Paper w78_2007_73:
Product model based collaboration

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Raimar Scherer

Product model based collaboration

Abstract: In collaborative design, we can distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous methods of collabora-tive working. Both are important and complementary in AEC. We will show that an explicit product model and a multi-layered system, with components linked together by an information logistics system, are the necessary prerequisites to effectively tackle the complexity of the information flow for asynchronous collaborative working. The information flow requires well-grounded model-based coordination to enable transparent and guided discussion and decision-making processes. The corresponding product model management services are identified and discussed. These are (1) model view extraction, (2) mapping to design specific models, (3) backward mapping after the design session, (4) identifica-tion of design changes through matching, (5) reintegration of extracted and changed models and (6) merging of the mutual design changes and identification of conflicts.

Keywords: Structural design, blast effects, evolutionary computation, finite element analysis, engineering software


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