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Paper w78_2007_75:
A2D2A2D… Seamless transformations from analog to digital worlds in support of global teamwork

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Renate Fruchter

A2D2A2D… Seamless transformations from analog to digital worlds in support of global teamwork

Abstract: In today’s communication intensive environment the rapidly changing nature of work, learning, and play is driven by more and more collaboration, globalization, digital media, interactive devices and spaces, mobility, and convergence of virtual and physical spaces and places. The people and their knowledge are the key corporate asset. Managing, transferring, and reusing knowledge can lead to greater competitive advantage, improved products, and more effective teamwork. The most effective means of knowledge creation and transfer from experts to novices in both education and industry settings is through stories and dialogue using analog channel such as verbal discourse, ges-tures, annotations, and sketching. Current knowledge capture and reuse solutions do not afford to capture and utilize the relevance embedded in these multimodal streams of communication. This paper explores innovative approaches to support (1) seamless transformations from analog and digital worlds, and (2) cross-media retrieval and interactive re-play of multimedia content in support of global teamwork.

Keywords: Analog, digital, knowledge management, dialogue, gesture, sketch, data mining, cross-media capture re-trieval and replay


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