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Paper w78_2007_76:
A scalable working model for cross-disciplinary global teamwork education

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Renate Fruchter, Marisa Ponti, Andrea Jungbecker, Hans Wilhelm Alfen

A scalable working model for cross-disciplinary global teamwork education

Abstract: Our mission is to prepare the next generation of architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) profes-sionals who know how to team up with professionals from other disciplines and leverage the advantages of innovative collaboration technologies (ICT) to produce higher quality products, faster, more economical, and environmentally friendly. To achieve this mission we have been offering the AEC Global Teamwork course established at Stanford in 1993 in collaboration with universities worldwide. The AEC Global Teamwork course was described in many previous papers. This paper examines this course as a scalable working model for cross-disciplinary global teamwork education. More specifically we discuss the following dimensions: (1) a growing global learning network, (2) expanding the cross-disciplinary engagement, (3) evolving ICT EcoSystem, and (4) increasing number of social worlds students distribute their attention.

Keywords: project based learning, global teamwork, ICT, social world


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