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Paper w78_2007_80:
Comparing traditional schematic design documentation to a schematic building information model

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Robert M. Leicht, John I. Messner

Comparing traditional schematic design documentation to a schematic building information model

Abstract: The use of Building Information Models has recently moved to a focal point in the Architecture, Engineer-ing, and Construction (AEC) Industry. While there has been much attention on the added value of the modeling process, little focus has been given to the documentation and project requirements in the early stages of the design. This research focuses on a case study project of the new Dickinson School of Law (DSL) building at Penn State Univer-sity. The research identifies the areas which provide added value through the use of BIM at the Schematic Design (SD) stage for communication of information and the manner the information is obtained. The focus of the paper, however, is on the issues that arise in how building geometry, building information, and building analysis and simulations are viewed and their potential impact on the Schematic Design phase of a project. To conduct this research, the completed Schematic Design documentation, including drawing system descriptions, and preliminary specifications, was obtained for the DSL building. This Schematic Design information was then converted to a Building Information Model and in-formation related to different building components was incorporated. An analysis was performed, based on the Univer-sity’s design requirements, to assess the information that can be incorporated and utilized. Feedback through inter-views was also documented to define the perceived value of a Schematic level BIM for the project. The conclusions identify the likely value that a project owner can derive from instituting schematic design BIM requirements and con-siderations when defining the scope of BIM requirements for Schematic Design. The results of the model analysis and the interviews are presented in the paper.

Keywords: building information modeling, BIM, schematic design, visualization, case study


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