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Paper w78_2007_81:
Effects of teaching environments and the digital media: the case of a parametric design systems course

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Saban Özsariyildiz, Reza Beheshti

Effects of teaching environments and the digital media: the case of a parametric design systems course

Abstract: The information and communication technologies (ICT) and the digital media have created excellent con-ditions for changing the learning, training and teaching environments. New modes of teaching in higher education sub-jects can enhance ones ability to proactively constructing his or her personal learning universe. These developments have contributed to distant learning becoming widely available and accessible. In this regard the idea of lifelong learn-ing has started to pave its way towards the knowledge driven society of the future. This paper identifies and evaluates issues relevant to the emerging eLearning paradigm. These observations are based on an ongoing experiment on effects of such environments. The goal is to discuss the widely perceived scope provided by these technology-based learning environments for increased pedagogical opportunities in order to enhance student learning, institutional objectives for growth in the face of intensified competition in the higher education sector and the expansion of mass education throughout the world. This paper reports some experiments that are carried out in the framework of the undergraduate and postgraduate elective course of Parametric Design Systems at Delft University of Technology.

Keywords: elearning, distant learning, life-long learning, digital media


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