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Paper w78_2007_90:
Challenges of civil engineering education

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Tomasz Arciszewski, Danijel Rebolj

Challenges of civil engineering education

Abstract: The paper discusses the present and coming challenges of civil engineering education, including leader-ship, creativity, computing, security, globalization, and climate changes-related challenges. In more general terms, it addresses the fundamental issue of the present focus on mostly quantitative, or numerical, aspects of civil engineering in the context of a shift from art to science in engineering education. The paper proposes a Renaissance in civil engi-neering education through the reinstatement of the lost balance between creativity and leadership on one side and teaching only the analytical knowledge and skills on the other side. Finding such a balance could be accomplished im-plementing the Da Vincian principles in civil engineering education and through the development of a modern holistic body of knowledge in civil engineering. The paper also briefly discusses both the ASCE and the European Union efforts to improve the civil engineering education. Finally, globalization of this education is proposed, which would maximize the utilization of the limited resources and would create a new era of global cooperation.

Keywords: civil engineering education, challenges, balance of art and science, quantitative and qualitative knowl-edge and skills, leadership, creativity, computing, security, globalization, globalization of civil engineering education


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