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Adding papers

This section briefly explains, how to add papers to ITC.SciX.net.

What kind of themes are acceptable?

Any work related to construction informatics, information or communication technology in construction etc. Construction also stands for civil and structural engineering.

What kind of works are acceptable?

Any, that have passed some kind of quality control: journal and conference papers, dissertations, theses, project reports and pre-prints that did pass a review.

Who decides what is accepted and what not?

At this time Ziga Turk. He will be replaced by an steering committee in the future.

How to add a paper?

The full text of the paper should be converted to PDF. A free service at Adobe.com can do this for those that do not have Adobe Acrobat full version. Then this form has to be filled in.

When will the paper appear in the library?

After Ziga Turk notices it was uploaded and moves it from the 'contrib' to the 'works' table.

How to add dozens of papers?

The metadata has to be prepared in a structured format, preferable in MS Excel. The column names should be the same as the names of the fields in the form. A column id should be added which should contain a unique ID for each row.

Then the full text pdf files should be prepared, named ID.content.pdf where ID is the same as the the unique ID of the row.

All these files should then be zipped and sent to msmid@itc.fgg.uni-lj.si


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