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About ITCdl

The ITC Digital Library has an ambition to provide a single point of entry to scholarly and research publication from the domain of construction informatics alias construction information technology. We believe that works, in full text, should be available for free, to the researchers, students and the industry.

We start with works with soft copyright policies and rather limited circulation - almost gray literature - which nevertheless provides valuable references and historical overview of the field. One of the most influential groups in this domain has been the CIB's W78. We are in contact with other conference organizers and journal publishers and expect the library to contain some 2500 papers with an annual growth of about 200 papers.


The copyright of the full text papers in this digital library is with the authors or with the original publishers of the proceedings and journals. They are made available through the ITC Digital Library for personal use of the visitors only.

ITCdl - as a collection of metadata - is copyrighted as a collection. It is illegal to copy, replicate or otherwise publish the collection as a whole or any of its parts, on paper or electronically, without a written permission from the owner.


  • Feb.16: Improved Netscape 4.x compatibility.
  • Feb.11: First public announcement, 71 registered users in the first 24 hours.
  • Jan.14, 2003: The service launched with 600+ papers.


The Library was made possible the numerous organizers of the conferences represented. They helped in obtaining the full text copies, some on paper, some in electronic form. They are given full credit inside the series database.

The library was developed in the SciX project.


The Library was created by a team at the Chair of Construction Informatics at the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering of the University of Ljubljana. The service was inspired by CUMINCAD.


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