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Paper itaec-2004-21:
Architecture and HCI: a review of trends towards an integrative approach to designing responsive space

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Anshuman S, Kumar B

Architecture and HCI: a review of trends towards an integrative approach to designing responsive space

Abstract: Recently, trends in integrating dynamism and response in Computer Aided Architectural Design have been in vogue. Attempts to attach dynamic forces to vector objects and thereby breeding amorphous elements and responsive environments are demonstrated through numerous design proposals in recent times, where design concepts are represented as active systems of forces affecting CAD objects; turning them into responsive amorphous organisms. This intention is compromised once such active forms are translated into built objects from the simulations, which largely remain inert. On the other hand, recent concepts in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and pervasive computing, have demonstrated relevance in physical objects and spaces; turning them into elements of physical interface to mediate particular human actions, aspects of communication, entertainment and aesthetic expression. While responsiveness grows as a concern amongst architects, allowing HCI features and computational schemes to become integral processes and parameters within architectural design may provide design processes with new approaches to architectural production. This may, in turn, alter the resultant architectural schemes and their behavior. This paper reviews relevant developments that contribute to such potential to inform physically responsive environments and scopes their integration in heterogeneous architectural design processes.



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