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Paper w78_2007_13:
Investigations in the BICT project of state-of-the-art ICT for industrialization of house building processes

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Anders Robertson, Rogier Jongeling, Anders Ekholm, Thomas Olofsson, Alain Zarli

Investigations in the BICT project of state-of-the-art ICT for industrialization of house building processes

Abstract: The research presented here is part of a project named BICT, ”Evaluation of benefits of ICT for the indus-trialization of project and product processes in the construction industry”. Its overall objective is to establish a mutual understanding between the construction industry and R&D actors of the needs and possibilities of ICT. The project is a cooperative effort between Swedish and French researchers and industry representatives within the EraBuild program. It includes an investigation of the processes and ICT tools in a representative house building project, together with a study of the State-of-the-Art of ICT for immediate, short and medium term uptake. This paper presents the main results of the State-of-the-Art study with specific focus on: - Visualization and coordination using digital mock-ups of 3D models; - Model based quantity take-off; - Integration of applications for product design; - Reuse of experience based knowledge. The presented study concludes that the use of integrated 3D applications must be introduced early in the project lifecy-cle in order to pave the way for the use of object-oriented information in downstream processes. This requires common standards for 3D based deliveries developed in cooperation between industry and R&D actors through joint analyses of actual information management both in industrialised partnering-like processes, and fully industrial building proc-esses.

Keywords: construction processes, house building, industrialization, ICT, digital mock-ups, model based quantity take-off, integration of applications


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