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Paper w78_2007_21:
Model based scheduling in building projects – is it oxymoron?

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Can Ersen F?rat, Juhani Kiiras, Kalle Kähkönen, Pekka Huovinen

Model based scheduling in building projects – is it oxymoron?

Abstract: In building, most projects are still planned and scheduled based on the randomly accumulated, contextual experience among planners and managers. The key inputs for scheduling tasks, i.e. the dependencies, man-hours, and durations of activities may have never been organized well in the focal planner’s mind. The aim of the paper is to intro-duce some new viable ways of modeling scheduling activities in the context of building based on the integration of a product model, a process model, and complementary IT solutions. The integrative rationale of the new Building Con-struction Information Model (BCIM) is herein justified in terms of combining the building product model, the building construction resource and cost model, and the building construction process model. Some new feasible ways of auto-mating building project planning are explored, in particular in terms of using template schedules to automate schedul-ing activities as part of the advancement and exploitation of the suggested BCIM.

Keywords: building projects, information technology, modeling, process models, product models, scheduling


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