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Paper w78_2007_50:
Assessement of 4D modeling for schedule visualization in construction engineering education

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Lingyun Wang, John I. Messner, Robert Leicht

Assessement of 4D modeling for schedule visualization in construction engineering education

Abstract: This paper describes a longitudinal study to assess the value of using 4D modeling in construction engi-neering education for schedule visualization. In 2005, a preliminary 4D learning module was developed and incorpo-rated in a project management course to help students learn how to develop a Short Interval Production Schedule. Comparative assessment methods were used to examine the learning product (solution quality). Direct observation and surveys were used to examine presentation effectiveness and student perceptions. This assessment concluded that 4D modeling is an effective learning aid for students to better achieve learning outcomes. In 2006, a more rigorous as-sessment methodology was designed to determine the impact of the 4D learning module on both the learning process and final exercise product. In addition to examining a traditional 4D modeling process, we also developed a 4D model generation interface titled the Virtual Construction Simulator (VCS), which allows students to generate a construction schedule directly from a 3D model. Ten student groups using these two interfaces were observed, videotaped, analyzed and compared. The final results from a detailed content analysis of the videotapes shows that both processes were valuable for improving the studentsí learning experience. The VCS interface showed additional value beyond the cur-rent 4D CAD application.

Keywords: 4D modeling, engineering education, schedule visualization, game engine


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