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Paper w78_2007_51:
Effect of electronic communication management systems on the success of construction projects in United Arab Emirates

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M. El-Saboni, G. Aouad, A. Sabouni

Effect of electronic communication management systems on the success of construction projects in United Arab Emirates

Abstract: Good communication during all phases of the project lifecycle is an important factor for the project suc-cess; in fact it is the prime factor that connects all of the project success factors together. Often, construction projects suffer from the lack of efficient communication due to many reasons, among which are the enormous versatility of stakeholders during project lifecycle, and the adversary relations which may appear among the construction project parties. This research is investigating the effect of using modern electronic communication management systems on the success of the construction projects in United Arab Emirates, trying to survey the effect on the project success criteria which were identified by the authors for the construction projects in this country. Two case studies, one of them coupled with action research are presented, interviews, surveys document review and progress feedback have been used to collect the evidence, preceded by a literature survey and a brief study to clarify how the communication mechanism works, and how it affects the trust and relations among the project stakeholders and consequently the project success. Some of the results are in agreement with pertinent published literature and research findings, an example of this would be the improvement on schedule and project control. On the other hand, the benefits for quality control during design and construction phases of the project in addition to HSE potential improvement remain debatable. At the same time the current investigation on one of the cases has revealed an organisational transformation trend from functional to-wards matrix and project structures, this kind of change is taking place after the implementation of project electronic communication management system into the client organisation, this transformation has enhanced chances of project success.

Keywords: construction project success, electronic communication, organisational transformation and UAE


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