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Paper w78_2007_91:
Evaluation of IFC optimization

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Tomaž Pazlar, Žiga Turk

Evaluation of IFC optimization

Abstract: Today Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) with considerable number of implementations presents almost “de-facto” standard in the Building Information Modelling (BIM). The idea of architecture, engineering, construction and facility management (AEC-FM) software interoperability may be easy understandable but the current standard implementations performances are not always satisfying. Although various deficiencies can be concluded from evalua-tion reports and the pilot projects presented research focuses only on model optimization issues. IFC files generated with the most commonly used architectural design applications are as a rule not optimal regarding the record length and as deduced from previous research work several easily resolved optimization procedures could be applied. Pre-sented case study is based on Solibri IFC Optimizer, the only IFC optimization tool available. Several simple and com-plex models were tested and optimization results have been closely examined. Prospects and constraints of presented optimization are discussed at paper closing.

Keywords: BIM - building information model, IFC - industry foundation classes, interoperability, optimization, soli-bri IFC optimizer


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